Tuesday, June 08, 2010

my good idea

We spend a lot of time with our nephew who is 5 and often our hang-outs include a car trip portion which is super boring for a young kid (freeways are dull!). Recently, while sitting in the backseat of the car, he found a comic book (Futurama) and was flipping through it carefully looking at every picture. He's a new reader, so he wasn't able to follow the dialogue, but he enjoyed looking at the pictures. The next time he jumped in the car, he picked up the book was a bit bored that it was the same one.

SO! I had a good idea! What do kids like better than Highlights Magazine? Nothing, right? But a new subscription is a bit pricey so I went on eBay. LOTS of people are selling off their old issues and back issues for pennies, literally. I purchased a lot from a library that has 30 magazines and all told I paid $7, including shipping.

Now when we take him out, I toss a new issue in the back of the car and he's got some kid-friendly and age-appropriate reading material to keep him entertained.

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Giggly said...

That's brilliant!

Luckily, I have books coming out my ears from the grandparents, so the kids are never without a new book in the back seat. :)

I bet you guys can't wait until the little dude can do Mad Libs. :)


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