Thursday, April 08, 2010

2 days until the wedding OR why I am about to go totally insane

Man, I haven't updated here in so long and I have stuff to say! I just don't have time. But I'm on the countdown to free time! Huzzah! Just as soon as the wedding is over, my life will adjust back to normal. And lo, it will be good.

The latest stress is about the "final piece" of my wedding day ensemble... I decided to go with a jacket/bolero kind of thing to wear over my dress like the one shown below (yes, I know it's a terrible photo comp and the lady has 4 arms - just look at the jacket).

need to find/make this top

I couldn't find anything even remotely similiar, so I commissioned someone on etsy to custom make it. I got 3 bids immediately and thought I was made in the shade.

Unfortunately, the person that I chose (who I chose because she's "new" and has only a few sales) was a smidge difficult to work with. I had to stay on top of her constantly and I watched as our agreed delivery date (two weeks ago) flew by... so I kept emailing, to no avail. I even reached out to the other 2 people who bid on the project and neither was available to pick it up. So I was stuck with her... in the end, I was able to FINALLY reach the lady and she said she'd have it sent by last week... that didn't happen and then she guaranteed delivery by yesterday. Nope. Instead, I got an email from someone else (her husband, I assume) late last night saying that she fell ill and was in the hospital and he refunded my money.

I'm not trying to sound unsympathetic - obviously, I don't want anyone to be sick or hospitalized - but this was supposed to be delivered weeks ago. And then I had a guarantee that it would arrive yesterday... which would mean it should have been shipped before yesterday, right? So there shouldn't be a need for a refund, right? It should be in the mail, right?

*sigh* I'm trying to remember my gratitude, but DUDE! C'mon! This lady single-handedly wasted more than a month of my time, and now I don't have a complete outfit for an event that is 2 days away. And in those 2 days, I only have a few hours to myself, so I can't even attempt to make something on my own. So now I'm peeved.

Out of the kindness of my (ever shrinking Grinch-like) heart, I won't post her name or links or leave negative feedback. But sometimes I really hate flighty etsy sellers.



Erin said...

Yeah, so you obviously know the odds of that woman being in the hospital are the same as ME being in the hospital right now. She's a lying whore who got all ahead of herself and bid on your alchemy request without realizing she couldn't actually DO IT. Period. Ugh, that pisses me off NO END.

For the record, the next time you're commissioning an outfit for a wedding, you should probably go with the bidder with he MOST experience. Smash your good heart down into your stomach with a soup spoon and AVOID THE N00BS.

You're so nice. You should tell me who this seller is so I can stalk her and flame her all over the Internet.

jessica fantastica said...

I think you're being very gracious, but I really think you'd be doing us all a favor by at least leaving honest feedback. Unfortunately that is going to be negative, however it IS deserved. The only way we can ever really trust our online sources is to have them vetted by previous buyers. It is too bad that this woman will have to learn a hard lesson, but maybe she will actually really learn from it and that will eventually be a favor to her too.

Giggly said...

That stinks!! Arrrrg. :-/

giddy girlie said...

I'm totally with you guys. I kind of feel like people SHOULD avoid this seller... because honestly it feels like she's not up to the task. If she's sick or something, I can be sympathetic, but really this was supposed to be done WEEKS ago and I got an email from her on monday, saying that it shipped and was guaranteed to arrive on Wednesday and she'd send me the tracking number... so whatever health ills did befall her, it shouldn't have affected her making/sending this to me.

On one hand, I was once a new etsy seller, so I know how it is when you're new and trying to prove yourself. And sure, I've made mistakes -- but every single time I was the one who discovered the mistake and made amends with the buyer. I never waited for someone to come to ME with it. And I've accepted commissions that were a stretch for me to complete (like before Christmas) but I always did with best intentions -- and look at my feedback. The short notice Christmas order arrived on-time and exceeded expectations and I've gotten emails from her whole family, saying how much her sister enjoyed the gift. So... yeah.


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