Monday, March 01, 2010

still here!

I just realized it's been a while since I posted an update... I just got so busy. And then stressed. And then stressed busy. And then just busy. And then just stressed. So... you know. After work, I kind of just melted into a puddle of business and stress.

But! Things are turning around... slowly, but still! Any progress is good progress!

Firstly, I survived Bridal Shower Madness! Huzzah! My (step) sister had originally wanted three showers: one for her bio mom's side of the family, one for our family, and one for her friends... which seemed excessive (and a little weird, in my opinion), plus that would mean that I would (as matron of honor) have to foot the bill for 3 showers and only be invited to one. So, uh, no. Not to mention the fact that she literally does not have enough time left to throw 3 consecutive parties. SO, I insisted that she combine them. This was my first mistake. I have been to a decent number of bridal showers in my life and every one of them was something like 15 people gathered in someone's backyard. Simple affairs with finger sandwiches or meatballs in a crock pot of BBQ sauce or whatever. So that was what I had anticipated (my second mistake) until she sent me a list of nearly 80 people who were all "must haves" at the shower. Uh, ok. Fortunately, our homeowners association has community rooms for rent, so I rushed out to reserve a big one -- only to find out that whoops! They double-booked. So we got a smaller room. 'No problem,' I thought, 'How many people will show up anyway? 25? 30?' This was my third mistake. I had received about 30 or so responses from the invitations and I figured there would be a couple more stragglers and I heaved a sigh of relief. 30-35 people is still a BIG DANG PARTY but I could manage with a little measured breathing and yoga stretches. Turns out, my sister had called every person on her list and convinced them to come. The "no" responses suddenly turned to "yes" and people were RSVP'ing to her (without anyone telling me). So up until the day before, she was calling saying 'oh yeah, I've got more for you' and that brought our total to 50, plus the "maybes."

That blew out any chance for hand-making anything... so now everything had to be catered. Okay, fine, but even as low-budget as we kept it, feeding and entertaining 50 people ain't cheap! And aside from that, I was terrified that the space wouldn't be big enough. Ryan and I went there the day before to mentally try and measure it out so I could sketch out a floor plan and it was raining and hailing on us. I nearly broke down. I was sure that we'd be crammed elbow-to-asshole in there with no one able to go outside because of the rain... it was going to get claustrophobic fast.

THANK YOU FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER AND JEEBUS AND ALL THE MAGICAL UNICORNS who blew away the rain and delivered a sparkly warm Sunday. Ryan kept asking me all week what I was stressing about -- it's some people and a cake! What's to stress about? -- and so he came to help me set up and then he realized the extent of it! ha! And, of course, it was the exact moment that the last chair was set out that everyone arrived, en masse (30 mins early) -- and then he saw. He experienced. He ran for the hills!!

Everything turned out fine. I was super busy, so I didn't really get to talk to anyone, but everyone was smiling and chatting... I think they were all satiated with snacks and stuff (*phew*). The games were a challenge because the group was so big, so we had to play in teams, which not everyone liked. And because of the size of the group, we played and then I awarded winners. I had one lady get a little snooty with me about not checking everyone's answers and I told her, we're all friends, this is just for fun, it's no big deal and she got super peeved. So beware ladies! If you ever throw a bridal shower, check the answers or else people will get miffed!! Also, for reference, the "prizes" were mostly journals and coffee mugs that I bought for $1 at Michaels -- there were no gold bars or vacations in Hawaii. So the whole wanting-me-to-check-answers-in-the-hopes-she-might-win thing was just kinda funny. I should have just given her a dollar and gotten her out of my hair.

ANYWAY, it all came together okay and didn't look too trashy and no one had to gather in the rain and mud under their umbrellas or anything. All-in-all, it was a good day. And something that I can put behind me - *phew*!!

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Miss Bliss said...

You are a SAINT! Seriously that would have driven me over the edge. Not to mention I despise games at showers. I just do. Why can't every just enjoy hanging out, having some snacks, opening some gifts and then having some cake? Why is that not enough? So glad it all came out well. You are an awesome event planner.


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