Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm not really a mushy Valentine's Day person -- and I know a lot of girls say that, but really, I'm not. I don't really get enthusiastic about a lot of greeting card holidays so my participation is minimal. Generally, Ryan and I will order take out and rent a movie -- so we can say that we "did something" but really? Don't care.

The past couple of years, we have actually done stuff on Valentine's Day, but mostly it was just a coincidence.

2008 - we went to the LA Comedy Walk in downtown LA, where Kate was performing some sketches. No sappy poems or candlelight dinners, but I did catch a couple glimpses of romance...

is it bragging to like your own pictures?

LA loves you

2009 - Ryan and I took a sock puppet making class at the LA Guild of Puppetry. This was totally fun and we were kind of the superstars of the class because we knew how to use a glue gun (seriously, it was kind of ridiculous how uncrafty everyone else was). So yeah, it was awesome to be the Cool Kids.

sock puppet 101 class

with our sock puppet creations

Mia, the show off

Ryan's monster

PLUS the sock puppets are something that we've actually put to good use! Can't say that about a stinky sonnet or haiku about your true love's eyebrows, now can you?!

But regardless of my unsentimental view of this "holiday" I hope you all enjoyed your day. Maybe have a candy or a giggle or a hug from somebody you love.


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Giggly said...

I actually had a nice time this Valentine's. First time we ever celebrated. Maybe 'cause our 10 year anniversary is next month??

I love those sock puppets!!


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