Tuesday, January 19, 2010

wedding stuff

This weekend, we spent some time preparing the invitations for my sister's wedding and after we were done, she brought out her wedding dress to try on. You should know this about my sister: she is incredibly anal and nothing makes her happier than a spreadsheet. Yes, she's one of those people. So even though her wedding isn't until April, she bought her dress in May 2009. Because, you know, being prepared is... something, right?

Anyway, the dress company had sent her a dress that was 2 sizes smaller than what she'd ordered, but she decided to keep it because she was planning on losing weight anyway and a small dress is a big incentive. So a couple of months ago she started dieting and (*pause* she is my step sister, actually, and she shares a lightning quick metabolism with her father. You know, those jerks who skip breakfast and lose 5lbs? That's them. *unpause*) has lost 50 (fifty!!) pounds. So... we knew the dress was going to be too big. Which is why she wanted to try it on now, so we can start pre-planning the alterations.

She brought a small mirror into the room and we had to set it on the floor for a minute and it just happened to shine up on the bodice of the dress and, I think, made a nice picture showing the details of the embroidery and beads and sparkles.

bodice detail

Part of her Pre-Plan or Die strategy was to get the guys their suits a.s.a.p., so they bought them a couple months back and she pulled the groom's suit out of the closet to demonstrate how neurotically carefully they searched for a shirt that was the exact color of her dress.

[insert groom]

Of course, the dress didn't fit. At all. Even with the corseting cinched all the way closed, it just kept dropping off and she was constantly pulling it back up over her chest.

somebody lost weight & now the corset doesn't work

This is from May 2009, when she tried on the dress at the shop (in a slightly different pink) in her correct size, so you can see how the corseting should look. The ribbons should be about 5-6 inches at the top and come in from there. Clearly (see photo above) this dress is going to need some serious tailoring on the sides to take about 6-8 inches off the bodice. Not to mention, the bottom hem...

Okay, so I know that they leave the bottom long for you, so that you can get it hemmed once you've chosen your shoes, but jeebus! This dress has like TEN INCHES of extra fabric beneath the embroidery detail on the front/bottom. I'm wondering if somewhere on her order form, the sales lady checked "flamingo" or something. You'd have to be a WNBA player to wear this thing.
At the end of the day, she looks lovely and she's covered head to toe in sparkles and "baby pink" which is all she's ever wanted, so it's going to work out great.
Oh, and in case you're wondering, she is having a mild heart attack because I haven't ordered my dress yet (the 2 bridesmaids ordered theirs in October). The wedding is 3 months away and I'm still holding out hope for a nasty stomach flu or tapeworm or something so that I can drop 50lbs before then too. HA!

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