Friday, November 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

When I was young, my mom worked for a medical company that specialized in respiratory therapy equipment. She traveled a lot and I always looked forward to the gifts that she'd bring back from across the country. My most prized possession (which I still have) was a Cabbage Patch Kid from an east coast toy store before they were available in California. The commercials had been running non-stop for weeks and I, along with everyone else, was crazed with anticipation and wanted wanted wanted that yellow haired doll on TV.
The yellow haired one was extremely hard to find, but my mom found a "dishwater blonde" doll that I loved (love). I was the first person that I knew to have one and she was my pride and joy: Georgiana Kit is, to this day, one of those things that fills me with immediate happiness just to see. And that was what launched my Cabbage Patch obssession.
Anyway, one weekend my mom had to train her staff on some new equipment and update everyone's CPR certification and my dad was out of town, so I had to tag along. It was lining up to be a long, boring day for me. On our way, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some snacks and for some reason, they had Cabbage Patch dolls there. And not just dolls: Cabbage Patch TWINS. I'm sure there was some hyperventilation involved, but somewhere during the course of the shopping trip, this set of CPK twins ended up in our cart. I was beyond thrilled.
They were in these funky knitted sweater suits and beanies and were bald. Bald! And one of them had a tooth! A tooth!! I couldn't love them more. They were so precious that I couldn't bring myself to disturb their clothes for weeks, maybe even months.
These guys may be in a box in the garage, but I'm pretty sure that they were bequeathed to a neighborhood kid when I had (supposedly) outgrown them. But Georgiana Kit... she's still here. And she still smells sweet as ever*.
*The original CPK dolls were scented like baby powder, but it didn't really smell like baby powder... it's more like a confectioner's sugar smell. Later they were adapted to a more standard "baby powder" smell (think the smell of lady's baby powder deodorant scent - ick) so Georgiana is a little extra special to me. My cousin swears that the markings on this doll proves that she is the 6th one off the line, but I don't really believe that. But still! She's very dear to me.

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Giggly said...

Awww...I love this story. I remember my cabbage patch doll, she had red pig tails and her name was Lainie. My sister got hers a year after me, it was a boy with a few little strands of blond hair, named Lars. We thought that was the funniest name.


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