Wednesday, October 21, 2009

hands of oh mah gah

Seven or eight years ago, I was in Central Coast California visiting family and we went on a thrift store binge. There are some great little shops tucked around the area and my favorite part is that they are true thrift stores, in that you can buy a shirt for 25 cents (not like around here, where it's mostly Salvation Army stores and shirts are $4.99) so I tend to go a little crazy. I think on that trip I bought 4 calf-length jackets that I still have not ever had an occasion to wear.

Also on that trip, I found a giant ceramic hand that had two ceramic children that were kneeling and leaning into the palm, praying. I don't know why it struck me as so funny/silly but I wanted that big hand! The folks at the shop wanted to charge per piece (as opposed to selling the set of children and the hand) and since I didn't have any interest in the ceramic kids, I left them there and took home my big hand! It's been a long-time shelf ornament, serving as a decorative holder for my old Nintendo controllers and even a climbing spot for Pee Wee and Miss Yvonne! It's always a topic of discussion (because my shelves of Weird Stuff attract everyone's attention and when they get to the Big Hand, they say "whaaaaaaat?").

this feels like a caption contest situation

So imagine my surprise (and glee!) when I spied ANOTHER giant hand at a thrift shop this weekend. It came as a complete set, with a little girl laying on the palm (although, she's kind of creepy with giant pupils). I haven't decided where to place it yet, I just stuck it on the dvd player for safe keeping for now.

The thing that tickles me the most about the Second Big Hand is that it appears to be the same mold as the first one, but this one is painted in dark colors. The spot where I found it has a heavy hispanic population, so maybe whoever is selling these is targeting their demographic by skin color? In any case, I love to see the representations of the Hand of Gawd in different colors. I hope to someday find a lady's hand to complete the set!

Hands of God

I stumbled across this leather hand chair/barstool last summer while toodling through vintage shops with Kate and although we both were mentally re-arranging our furniture to find a place for it to live in our houses, we just couldn't justify dropping $600 on it. The ceramic ones are much easier to store and to afford. I believe my total outlay for both of them was under $6, so... much more practical, even if they aren't as much fun as a hand barstool!

hand chair upgrade!

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