Friday, October 30, 2009

Flashback Friday

October 1977

I am less than a month old - my eyes are still purple* - and my parents are debating what type of Halloween costume I should have. While they mull it over, they start carving jack-o-lanterns and then hey! Look at that! She fits right inside!


Mom, in her infinite craftiness, decides to grab a smaller pumpkin and make me a hat. I don't really like it much and it's too heavy for my young neck to support, but mom makes a show of it anyway and sets up a few trials for the camera. I really don't like the cold pumpkin rind helmet and start to grouch about it right after this picture is taken.

Happy Halloween!

*my eyes eventually turned brownish-orange, but they stayed violet-purple until after my first birthday. Usually babies are born with light eyes (like blue or green) that darken after a couple of weeks (when the pigment in the muscle develops), but for some reason mine didn't. On my birth certificate and early childhood documentation, the eye color says "purple"


Kate D. said...

These are just about the cutest pictures ever! I think you should print up a million copies, glue them to cardstock, and start selling holiday cards on etsy, because THESE ARE KILLING ME!!!!

Giggly said...

These are my favorite photos of you. :) So stinkin' cute!!!


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