Wednesday, July 01, 2009

yeah, he's cool like that

You probably already saw my tweets and my spamtastic emails BUT what kind of wife would I be if I didn't blog about this too?*

My husband, hereafter shall be known as "Harvey Award Nominated Ryan" and he should be addressed as such in all correspondence, personal or professional. Thank you for your adherance to these new rules.

Why? Well duuuuuuuuh! He's been nominated for a Harvey Award for Best Inker for his work on The Darkness last year! WOOOOOO!!**

The Harvey Awards are kind of special, because they're industry awards, which means that your own peers have to nominate you (and it is also your peers who will vote for you). Which is super sweet! They like him, they really like him!

SO: if you're at all affiliated with the comic industry -- that means web comic folks, writers, editors, colorists, copy boys, etc. -- you can vote! Here is the link to the form which needs to be returned by August 28th. Please do take the 2 minutes required to complete the form and send it back by email or postal mail. It means a lot to everyone involved.

*don't answer
** congratulations to everyone else nominated in this category as well! And yes, we are aware that Jamie Grant uses a lot of 'digital inking' processes, but it is still an art form and though we're pen-and-brush people ourselves, we can still respect that Jamie creates some beautiful pieces (it's about the end-product, not the tools).


Giggly said...

Tell Ryan congrats for us!!!

Miss Bliss said...

YAY for Ryan!!


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