Tuesday, July 21, 2009

weekend update

This weekend I accomplished very little, but I had the best time doing it. I suppose that's what counts, right?

On Friday night, I was able to bust through 2 commission paintings and work on some embroidery in between (because I cannot multi-task enough!). But my biggest goal was to sleep in on Saturday until I woke up (meaning: no alarm clocks, no hungry cats, etc.) and I achieved it, so SCORE ONE FOR ME.

Except that meant that I slept in kinda late and by the time I was hungry enough to eat, it was time to leave. So I skipped brunchlinner and threw Ryan in the car and we headed up to LA to see the newest show at Gallery 1988. Traffic was atrocious and it took us something like 2 hours to get there, so I arrived frazzled and tense and hungry. Which is awesome when you're meeting someone so sweet as Kate, because, you know, she loves grouchy people who are hot and discombobulated and hungry. [fail]

While she waited for us to slog through traffic, she spent some time browsing around Golden Apple Comics, where they were having a special event to celebrate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She got to hug a turtle and spy one of the artists who set Ryan on his path to comics. I'm sure it was boring as all get loose, but Kate is a trooper! We made it to Gallery 1988 just minutes before it closed, and the awesome staff let us stay a while and browse (which was cool, because we were the only people in there and there were lots of passersby who were staring in the windows, longingly at us). LOTS of great art, which is pretty standard for G88 (check it out here), and I almost died looking at the Scott Campbell pieces. *swoon*

I ended up coming home with a couple of awesome prints for myself although I had to restrain myself from buying one of everything!

Scott Campbell's poster for Crazy 4 Cult 2 (click to see bigger, with more detail! Can you name them all?!)

Scott Campbell prints of PacMan, set #49 of 100 (these are 2.75" square - so adorably tiny!)

"Bike" by 2cents print #21 of 40

After that, we headed over to our favorite spot to stuff our faces, Lala's, and we... er... stuffed our faces. And THEN we headed over to see Shakespeare Unscripted. I was a little nervous about SU, because I am not all that knowledgable about the Bard and I was worried that "improv Shakespeare" would be over-my-head. I should have known! My friends know that I am too dumb for that! So instead they took me to a show that was on my level! Basically, this improv troupe studied Shakespeare and know everything inside-and-out, and THEN they completely improvise sketches, based on the existing canon (think accents, togas, etc). The audience shouts out suggestions and the story builds around that. I don't think I did a good job of explaining it, but MAN! It was so funny and good.

Afterward, we ended the night at our favorite sweet spot, Susina's Bakery for the cherry bomb cookies that are the nectar of the gods. We, of course, talked late into the night until Ryan gave us a deadline to get going... and then when we started driving, I remembered that Kate's clock was 7 minutes fast! He robbed us of 7 minutes with his rules!! It's ok, I'll find a way to exact my revenge... Comic Con is nearly upon us... bwah ha ha ha!

{just found out that the Pee Wee bike print sold out already! *phew* I got there just in time!}

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mimilove forever said...

Top shopping there madam! x;)


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