Friday, May 15, 2009


I have fallen terribly behind in my daily chronicling of my somewhat boring life. I'm debating the merits of back-dating some posts, but until then I'll at least post up our Monday adventure:

Last Monday I went with Kate and Bliss and Ryan to Disneyland as a late celebration of Bliss's birthday. We surprised her with a guided tour of the park called "A Walk in Walt's Footsteps" and it was pretty fun. I think you have to really care about Disney history and have a lot of patience (which we do) to make it worth your while, and we did learn a few new things. For instance, New Orleans Square is meant to be a replica of New Orleans, which is a port city so the planners had to deal with where the "port" would be. Since they didn't want to build one, they instead added ship's masts 'in the distance' so that it would appear that the port is on the other side of where you are. I'd never noticed this in my 30+ years of going to Disneyland. We also got a VIP, up-close look at one of the animatronic flowers in the Tiki Room show and a fast-pass ride on the Jungle Cruise. PLUS: lunch! Also, we got to be the 'bad kids' for stumping the guide about the single golden turret on the castle [just to the right of the biggest one in this photo] which I had read had it's own story. Instead, the guide was a bit offended that we were trying to 'stump the expert.' Oops.


Sizzle said...

You make me want to go to Disneyland!

Giggly said...

You need to be a Disneyland tour guide!

Ummm..."somewhat boring life?" I get all my action through your cool ass life!!

Miss Bliss said...

Such an amazingly fun day!! You guys ROCK!


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