Sunday, April 05, 2009

tech help needed

Yes, I am an idiot. I am officially the last person on earth to set up a wireless network at home. I KNOW! I KNOW! I got a hand-me-down wireless router from my mom's office, but it's too old, I think. The 2-Wire website doesn't have any info on this model, so I think it's outmoded. At the very least, it appears to need to be hooked to a PC to run the software, which I no longer have.

This is what I want, which sounds feasible to me (but I could be mistaken): a wireless router that does not need to be plugged into a computer to function - just plug in the power and DSL line and it starts working. Ideally, a router that requires a password (so the neighbors don't help themselves) and has the ability to support 2 laptops simultaneously. My preference would be that it should be inexpensive. It looks like most are around $50, which is fine.

What kind of wireless do you have set up in your house? What works? I'm interested in specific product names, if you know 'em. That way I can just be a copycat and have confidence that the dang thing will work.

You are awesome - thank you! You have saved me from having to talk to the attitude-laden shmucks at BestBuy.

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Erin said...

I have this! I have this! We plug our cable modem into our router and we can use as many wireless laptops as we can fit in the house.

We have a Belkin router... I looked at their website and I can't find the one we use, but look at Belkin. It's worked perfectly for us for years.


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