Monday, March 09, 2009

yes, I saw Watchmen

With everyone else in America, apparently, I saw Watchmen. I liked it - straight out. I liked the book and the movie was a good adaptation. Some of the 'Hollywood moments' were a bit much, especially seeing it on the IMAX screen, namely the drawn out sex scene. I did not need to see Night Owl's butt 100 feet tall, nor Silk Spectre's 100 foot boobs. But the guys did and everyone in the theater was tittering the whole time. So, score a win for the fanboys getting to see naked superheroes.

The only complaint that I had was with Dr. Manhattan, who was overly CGI'd. I would have preferred to see Billy Crudup just painted blue and have some effects around him (the glowing aura, etc.) rather than entirely CGI his body. He came across looking like a video game character in a lot of scenes, where it was actually the actor being filmed, so it's a real person whose arms move too mechanically. But all-in-all, it wasn't enough to take me out of the movie, but something that bothered me quite a bit.

I also liked the ending, which is different from the book. It was a smart way to wrap the film, and keep the story within the confines of the characters that we already know.

Best part: title scenes. I had read somewhere that the titles were the best part, and truly I think they were. I loved the look/feel of it and whatever the technique is that was employed was great. Perfect character intro without resorting to cheesy dialog to explain it. (Edit: the embedded video didn't play correctly, so here is the direct link to watch the opening sequence:

Opening weekend pulled in a cool $55+ million. Well played, Watchmen. My apologies to Alan Moore for liking it so much.

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kilax said...

How does the book end? I saw it this weekend and an curious about the difference :)


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