Sunday, March 22, 2009

stitch and such

You know that old saying that if a frog had wings it wouldn't bump it's butt in the woods where he can hear a bear pooping when a tree falls down? Well that is totally how I feel. I took the day off from work on Friday to attend to some appointments and things and take a nap and also do not much at all and, apparently, no one noticed that I wasn't at work. Which is okay, I guess. Except that hey! I spent one of my vacation days (for no reason?) and maybe I'm dispensible? They survived a full day without missing me. No good. [Also, I am an idiot for checking work email at 11:30pm on Sunday night]

I, once again, had high hopes for myself this weekend. A whole list of chores and junk that I wanted to do since I had extra time (vacation day) and yet I didn't get to a single one. The kitchen floor is still unmopped and my laundry is in the same (gigantic) pile that it was in on Thursday night. But the time that I didn't spend on cleaning I spent productively on my couch, embroidering like the wind (if the wind were to embroider, that is). I sold my hitchhiking ghosts (thanks to MiniJen!), got a write up over at, and set up 2 swaps with fellow Craftsters for more ghosts, PLUS I started 2 gifts, I finished my book, started a new one, and watched all the Soup episodes off the TiVo. Not bad, I suppose. At least it looks like I did something when it's all typed out like that!

Next weekend, I'll be at the Silverlake Craft Fair and so this week I will be spending all of my free time trying to figure out things to sell. I need to whip up a few more dot paintings, make some cards, embroider some stuff, and... I dunno DISCOVER A TIME WARP THAT ALLOWS ME TO CRAM EXTRA HOURS INTO EVERY DAY. I have no idea how I'm going to pull it off. If you have any magic spells, toss 'em my way. Thanks!

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