Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Need More Power

Tonight our power is out AGAIN! which is inconvenient to be sure, but
not super extra terrible. Ryan has been off at band practice for most
of the night so I've just been hanging around, taking a bath by
lantern (battery powered) light, testing my pioneer abilities to
entertain myself without electricity and failing miserably (thus,
blogging by phone). I had a big list of things that I should do and
things that I need to do and neither are going to get done.

The weirdest part so far has been the quiet. I've never been so hyper
aware of every creak and squeak if this house. Add to that the fact
that Ruckus thinks that he has to eat every 2 minutes and you've got a
cornucopia of "wassat?" noises going on. Cat feet walking around, dry
food crunching, sprinklers outside... It's enough to drive a gal batty!

I'm tempted to throw in the towel and try to go to bed early (what's
that?!) but Ryan will be back soon so I feel like I should wait up for
him. So he doesn't come home to a quiet, dark house. I'm giving him
one hour and then he's on his own to fight off the boogiemen.

I should have known this would happen since I went grocery shopping
yesterday. Just like I washed my car this weekend before it rained and
the birds pooed all over it. I should learn not to tempt fate.

For now I'm trying to tap into my pioneer spirit and learn to live by
minimal light. I may even try cross stitching since that is what the
pilgrims would have done. If I can avoid selling my oxen and dying of
cholera, I just might survive the night.


Miss Bliss said...

Holy BBQ Cows...what happened to your power? You live in the OC for pete sake I thought there was a law or something against that.

giddy girlie said...

I know!! I think it's technically illegal to be off the grid for more than 3 hours. :)

I think they're doing some upgrades or something and we keep losing power for a while. It's not so bad, actually. Unplugging is kind of nice and I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't forced upon me.


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