Monday, January 26, 2009

Phoenix Comic Con - we love you!

This weekend was such a whirlwind of fun, I'm not sure that I can do it justice in a simple blog post. We got to talk to so many different people and see so many fantastic costumes! Phoenix Comic Con has a really big CosPlay audience and they had so many activities going on too. Lolita croquet! Tea parties! CosPlay Red Rover!! (!!) and tons of great sessions on costuming and wig styling - plus the comic-related stuff - and we were situated in the hallway that lead to all the discussion rooms, so we got to see a lot of people going to and from and meet them in between.

We drove straight home after and talked non-stop (5 hours) about how great it was and all the fantastic people that we met. Special thanks to Carol, who is an all-around fantastic lady (also a honcho at the Star Wars club in PHX - you should join!) and really inspired Ryan to do some good work. Thank you also to Alison for sharing her original character ideas and fantastic costumes. I wish all the people of the internets could have seen her. She was so dedicated that when she came dressed as one of the nurses from Silent Hill and after talking to us (super sweet girl), she twitched away, back in character. If you're not familiar, this is a clip of another CosPlayer with the same idea. Thank you to little Tim who drew us a hawk, although he was only drawing falcons for everyone else that day. Thank you to everyone who came by the table to say hello or look at our art. Thank you to everyone who bought one of my paintings and gave it a good home! Thank you to the people who came by to share their favorite Futurama quotes (which is very near and dear to my heart)! Thank you to the folks who commissioned paintings (I'll get 'em out quick, I promise!)! Thank you to the Ghostbusters for the Twinkies! (p.s. the Ghostbusters in AZ exist solely to raise money and awareness for charity! Could they be any cooler?) Thank you to the convention staff for putting on a great event! And thank you to everyone who went for supporting this great event!

We will definitely be coming back in 2010 - but I hope to see everyone at another convention before then!

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