Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

And WHAT a Christmas Tree! Holy jingle bells, Batman!

Last night, we finally went to get our Christmas tree at Target, as usual. I love Target for a jillion reasons, but tree shopping there is the best because it's all cheap. I am still super wiped out from the time change, so I am low on holiday energy, so I was ready to be convinced to get a 2 foot table top tree (just waiting for Ryan to suggest something small). Instead, he broke through the throngs of people to where the 5-6 foot noble firs were all set out and just grabbed one randomly that was already wrapped and we headed out. I commented that it looked taller than 6 feet and he said "I don't care! I'll pay whatever it takes just to get out of here!" and I conceded. (It wasn't as grouchy as it sounds. It's just that everyone else was opening every. single. tree. to inspect it and then decide that they didn't like any of them and so it was crowded and hectic in there.) We ended up with a 7-8 foot (closer to 8, I suspect) noble fir that barely fit in the truck. It was still really cheap (only $55) so I was fine with the enormous tree.

So we get it into the house and it barely fits into the tree stand, but we make it work and get it balanced and then cut the ropes. That was where the hilarity truly began. Because we hadn't seen it "open" yet we had no idea how wide or narrow it might be. Turns out, it is WIDE. The twine started unravelling and the tree looked like Violet Bauregarde when she starts exploding out of her clothes. I swear you could hear the buttons popping. When the branches started settling down, we started laughing all over again. It's about 5 feet wide near the bottom and it takes up the entire corner of the living room. Thankfully, our ceilings are high (20 feet) in the living room, so it isn't scraping the ceiling, but it still looks so funny like the forest just decided to pop up in our living room.

So now I have to fill myself with holiday spirit. It's going to take a whole lotta elfin magic to get that sucker decorated. Plus, it will look out of place without all the accompaniments, so I'm going to have to get out the little village houses and miniature people too. Oh, and since the tree is so ginormous, we have to anchor it to the wall (!!) so I'll probably have to make some sort of camoflauge for the wall ties.

But at least now it smells like Christmas. Oh man, does it ever.


Miss Bliss said...

I LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!! Back when I was getting real trees I would ALWAYS get a tree about four times bigger than I had planned on. It's just all part of the Holiday baby!

Giggly said...

Oooh! I miss that smell!


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