Friday, November 07, 2008

how they get you

I'm not a big fan of McDonald's and I only eat there maybe 3 times a year. But when I do eat there, it's driven by a craving that is insatiable... I start dreaming of Sausage McMuffin and I have to have one. This particular urge hit me yesterday morning at 10:45am, which is a bummer because McD's stops serving breakfast at 10:30am.

I missed my chance and all night this tiny voice was whispering "Sausage McMuffin" in the back of my brain and I could barely sleep from all the stomach growling.

So this morning I start working and forget all about it until suddenly the craving strikes again! And look at that! It's 10:20 - just enough time to get over there and score me some breakfast! Oh, happy day!! So I rush over to McD's and drive in to the line and it's now 10:24 (and I immediately get boxed in, so I can't leave the drive through and walk inside) where there are 9 other cars waiting and the person at the ordering station is taking 12 of everything. I'm watching my clock... it's 10:28. But that's ok. Surely, they recognize that this one person is hogging the last 10 minutes of breakfast and they'll give the rest of us some leeway. I finally get my turn at the order menu at 10:34 and I order my Sausage McMuffin (no egg) and the lady says "sorry, breakfast is over." What? So I say (which is lame, BTW - don't argue with the drive through order taker) "Oh, I know, but I have been in line since before 10:30. I was the 8th car back." and she says "we stop serving at 10:30am" and so (cue: shooting self in foot) I ask "Really? Even though I was here? It's not my fault that I got stuck behind big orders." Of course, this did not help my case. "We stop serving at 10:30 and we put all the stuff away. We can't even make breakfast anymore."

I know that this has been ridiculed on the internet several times and in better forms than this one, so I'm not even going to TRY to rationalize this thought. And I understand that you have to put a stop to breakfast at some point, but please. Spare me the "it's put away" song and dance. I don't care how awesome your crew is, they have not completely stored away everything from breakfast in 4 minutes and done it in such a fashion where it is impossible to unpack. No more McMuffins within reach. BULL-LONEY!

So then I am left with the dilemma: order something else? Or just drive away? I don't want anything else, but I did just sit in this line for 10 minutes, so... *sigh* I ended up getting a cheeseburger and it was gross and I hate it and I want a Sausage McMuffin.

Why is my life so difficult?!


Giggly said...

That's funny you posted this. I had to fast this morning before a blood test and of course I was STARVING afterwards. All I could imagine was McDonald's fries. I just wanted something fast. The clock in the car said 11:00. I forgot to set it back, so I had to get breakfast. I ended up getting the new chicken biscuit thingy. It wasn't too bad, but now I am getting a mean tummy ache :(

emily said...

OMG! I absolutely had to have a sausage & egg croissant with those hash-brown-y things this past Thursday. And my body was so "Wait a second, wha?" that I didn't even have lunch that day. Totally forgot!

emily said...

Gah! Stupid commenting before I finish my thought.

I hate those breakfast deadlines at fast food restaurants. Too many times have I had to hustle out of bed when I'm hungover to drag m toyself the afore-mentioned Burger King to get the greasy food my alcohol-drenched body needs.


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