Monday, November 03, 2008

Adam's Farewell

On Sunday, we all met at Sycamore Cove in Malibu to say farewell to California's favorite son before he departs for the next leg of his journey. Clear into the unmentionable parts of Utah. He's got reasons for leaving, but none that we like. Sure, careers and families are nice, but HELLO. We live here! Which means that there is no reason for him to live anywhere else.

Kate took this one - good, isn't it?!

But I digress. He's going and all we can do is sob. Or laugh. Which is what keeps happening. To a much larger degree than crying actually. I hope that's a good thing.

The morning was a bit rainy and we were concerned, but the day was lovely and the beach was gorgeous. We got to watch the sun set over the ocean - which Kate had never done! Sacrilidge! And we had a fire and marshmallows and eulogies. Kate wrote a fantastic song (see video below) and Ryan and I wrote a poem (also in video form below). And we were warm and cozy in our new UNICORN SWEATSHIRTS OF AWESOMENESS. Everyone was jealous. For reals. If you're feeling pangs of jealousy, know that is a normal reaction and the only cure is to do 20 cartwheels. Sorry, I don't know what else to say. My pictures are up on Flickr for your enjoyment.

When Ryan read our poem, it was really dark and he was working from notes so some of the lines got a little mixed, but this is the poem in its entirety:

If we had one more Adam
This wouldn't be so bad
This one could pack his bags and go
And we wouldn't be so sad

If we had one more Adam
Then one could stay in town
And tour us through Lala Land
And all of its surrounds

If we had one more Adam
He could hobnob with the stars
Then take us all for chicken strips
At what's that place? O Bar.

If we had one more Adam
It would be so cool
Hither and yon - to comic con!
Where we could act a fool

In restaurants, churches, or bars
Anywhere away from home
He'd find a place in public
To recharge his cell phone

He could write his plays
And even make his movies
He'd break the hearts of gays
And even those with boobies

Cupcakes before dinner
'Cause that's just how you do it
And if we tried the opposite
He would totally boo it

Mac and cheese where ever we go
After the dinner, before the show
After mont blancs and cherry bombs
Sarah's Favorite seems so wrong

Toi Thai, Canter's, Disneyland
We'd always have fun without a plan
Sneaking in to Universal
Or be a Cartoon Overlord
If we had one more Adam
We would never be bored

Do we have one more Adam?
Is his name Jake?
He's shaking his head 'no way,
That would be a mistake.'

If we had one more Adam
Then we could show THIS one
Why everybody loves him
And why he's so much fun
And why he will be missed
And why we're kind of pissed
And why we want to share a laugh
In spite of all of this

If we had one more Adam
Then maybe you would stay
You'd love him just like we love you
And that is totally gay.


Miss Bliss said...

My heart is so broken that I couldn't be there...but you guys did such a great job spreading all the love on our Adam.

Kate said...

The "One More Adam" poem is so FREAKIN' FANTASTIC! It's been running in my head since Sunday night. Blessings upon you for running the camera. My heart is so sad and I am so glad that we get to have some moving images of that great big jerk before he moves away.

giddy girlie said...

I didn't get the first song, because it was SO dark, but those guys did a great job! I have some pictures of them, though.

And Kate - we've been singing "This Little Adam of Mine" all day.

Kate said...

The pictures are killing me! I had totally forgotten about so many of them! It's like Christmas!


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