Friday, October 10, 2008


It's time to face the strange changes.

A little Bowie. How appropriate. After R.R.R.E.D. closed a couple of weeks ago, Adam mumbled something about moving and I flat-out ignored it, because 1) I didn't approve any moving for anyone in our friendship circle and 2) I don't like the idea. My friends should live close to me ONLY. It's in the contract they signed! So I dismissed the thought and went about my usual narcissistic life.

Last week was Adam's birthday and I was inspired by the mix tape necklace that he got me for my birthday, so I started thinking of crafty things to do with cassette tapes. I found this business card holder and was inspired. Mine was slightly different in the end (and I forgot to take pictures!) and I used David Bowie's "Changes" to make it with [mine had a binding of tape as a 'hinge' and magnetic spots to keep it closed]. Ryan and I delivered it on Tuesday night when we joined Adam and Kate for dinner at Gardens of Taxco - which is a total hoot! There are no menus and the waiter recites everything for you in a very theatrical way. Really fun. Kate had to run off for a rehearsal (oh, showbiz!) but made plans to meet up with us at Akbar for Craftnight! So Adam and Ryan and I drive over to Akbar and I ask Adam to lay these silly relocation rumors to bed and instead he started telling me how it's true, he's moving out of state and he plans to move at the end of the month. I am livid, I want 90 days notice! Who said you could cross state lines? My attorneys are NOT going to like this!! I start mentally drawing up cease-and-disist letters and staging protests while he tells us his plans to do all of these wonderful things and all these golden opportunities that await him. I mentally scale back the harsh verbiage of the letter my attorney will be sending and change the protest to a candlelight vigil.

After an hour standing outside Akbar, hearing his plans, I cancel all legal action and start mentally researching moving companies for myself. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. And at least this way I don't have to drive for hours to see my friend. Oh wait, it took me 2 hours to get to LA tonight. Huh. So THEN we go inside and Akbar is pretty empty. We look around a while then ask the bartender who reminds us that Craftnight! is on Wednesdays. Oh. Huh. I mentally change the work order for my attorney and have him draft up a nastygram to Craftnight! and demand that they host a craft meetup every night of the week, starting immediately.

Instead of crafting, we went to our favorite cookie spot to hang out and wait for Kate and talk s'more about why he shouldn't move away (namely that I am selfish) and persuade him to stay at least one more week. When Kate came over to join, we tested out my first batch of cupcake lollipops (sans sticks). I had some problems with the milk chocolate seizing when I was melting it, so I didn't dip the bottoms, just the tops. I was afraid it would make the cake dry and gross and possibly inedible. I transported them in ice everywhere because I was afraid that the cake would melt or lose its shape, but they were ok. The mixture of the frosting into the cake makes the cake part kind of chewy. Like a fudgy brownie. I used devil's food cake and cream cheese icing. I will definitely be doing this again for holiday goodies. Once they're fully coated in chocolate, they'll be safe to ship or transport around. PLUS I won't forget to buy lollipop sticks!

Adam - this is why you can't move. Because I like you! 'Nuff said.

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Sizzle said...

I've totally been to that restaurant! :-) Don't you think that guy gets tired of reciting the menu all night, night after night? I wonder...

It's really hard when friends move. Hopefully it's to a fun place that you can visit.


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