Friday, September 19, 2008

get well or walk the plank

Everyone clap your hands three times and say a wish for my mom who is having a bout of kidney stones today - yowch! Poor doll had to go to the hospital, where (luckily) they've pumped her full of morphine and scanned her Cat, so she's gonna be okay... but kidney stones are no fun! (Ryan is a kidney stone sufferer, so I am a stone sufferer by proxy and can attest to "more morphine, please!")

Every time I say "get well" I think of the scene from Seinfeld when Elaine's co-workers bring her a get well cake (carrot cake - it's healthy!) and sing to her. Get well, get well soon - we want you to get welllllll!! So mom - feel better. And don't surf the web while under the influence of strong drugs. You'll end up trying to sync Pink Floyd with the Wizard of Oz. (In case you're interested, it starts at the 4 minute mark)

[insert witty segue here]

Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day! Which means... um... I dunno what.

Surf the web using Google's pirate dashboard!
Listen to some pirate music (courtesy of The Taint!)

1 comment:

Giggly said...

Your poor Mama!
I hope she be feelin better soon, arrrg.


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