Friday, August 22, 2008


Totally late in posting this, but my mind has been bizzy.

This weekend, we decided that we needed to get out of our bubble and try to enjoy life just a little bit. We did fairly well! Saturday night we were driving to LA to meet Kate and Adam for dinner and were listening to Johnny Cash at San Quentin and the song "Daddy Sang Bass" came on, which made us both a little misty. It's one of the songs that we sing to ourselves and cats so we started missing him more. Oh noes! Fortunately, Palms Thai makes you forget all that sadness. Get some chicken-stuffed-chicken while you listen to THAI ELVIS SINGING. And then take your time trying to pick which one of the 300 menu items you want. It's harder than it sounds!! And all delicious. Oh! And then after dinner, Ryan was presented with birthday gifts because people love him. He got some of the smartest gifts I have ever heard of. Kate made this beautiful box that was decoupaged with pages from the comics that Ryan has worked on, where he can keep all of his bragging items. Totally awesome.

After stuffing our bellies, we headed over to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for a night of comedy. Which was AWESOME. We watched Seth & Ed's Puppet Show (a talk show hosted by Seth Morris and Ed Helms, via puppets. The guests were Bob Odenkirk and TJ Miller, who each did a 5 minute stand-up bit and then were interviewed themselves in puppet form. WAY more fun than it sounds and g.d. it was hilarious. Plus, before the show Ryan and I went to the coffee shop on the corner (the Bourgeois Pig) to get some tea and ran into Ed Helms getting his own cuppa and barely resisted the urge to make a Here Comes Treble joke, but he did us a solid by tossing in an "ever heard of it?" during the show, so we're square.

A good time was had by all and after the show, we parted ways so that everyone could rest up for Sunday at DISNEYLAND. Yeah, I know... we go all the time. BUT! We've been 'blocked out' for the past 2 months and so we've been looking forward to it. It was a scorcher, but we survived it. It was a fearless foursome of myself, Ryan, Kate, and Miss Bliss. The parks are still pretty crowded with summer vacationers (plus all the other returning passholders) but we got in a few rides and a little grub and a lotta laughs. Even a double dose of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (roller coaster) at night during the fireworks. I think the fireworks make the ride go 20 mph faster. True!! The quote of the day came from Ryan & Bliss after the 3 of us waited in line for Tower of Terror and Kate was waiting for us at the ride exit.

Kate: How was it?!
Ryan & Bliss: We wrote a script in line!

Ryan, Bliss, and me have been working on a killer comic book script for... um, a really long time now. And it's really starting to grow legs. The pitch is almost ready and the time is almost right. The two of them (Ryan & Bliss) have been thrilling about some new changes since Comic Con and it was roundly hilarious to be in line with them for 20 minutes or whatever and not say a single word, while the two of them chittered back and forth.

It was a great weekend all around, and it was lots of fun. Definitely what we needed. This whole week has seemed dull by comparison. Fortunately, it's Friday already, so I have another weekend of having fun. Whee!

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