Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wondermark Contest

Over at Wondermark, a contest is being held to win the new book "Beards of our Forefathers" in which anyone can submit anything they like, so long as it is slightly Wondermark related. I decided at the last minute to throw my hat beard in the ring with some needle felted submissions.

I used the book title to play on the "Forefathers" as being the former US presidents. There are 5 presidents who had full beards, but since Garfield isn't funny (referenced in a Wondermark comic) I left him out. So instead there are 4: Lincoln, Harrison, Grant, and Hayes. Plus, I kind of liked Van Buren's psycho mutton chops so I threw him in there for good measure.

I don't know when winners will be announced, and even if I don't win, I will buy the book, but it was still fun to play along.

1 comment:

Miss Bliss said...

Lord woman you are a felting fool! Those are brilliant!


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