Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wednesday is the new Monday

After staying up all night to watch my cat breathe* I am exhausted. I dragged my lifeless body into the office and kept having this overwhelming urge of 'I have to do this right now' and so I actually busted through my entire To Do list. Which is good, but it's mind taxing and now my brains are mush.

Ryan is in a similar zone, since he stayed up late last night and had to get up early to get to the office. The G4 series "Attack of the Show" came to film his team at work, which will be shown during their coverage of the San Diego Comic Con in 2 weeks. So set your TiVo! You can watch Ryan talking about himself and looking tired - wheee!

I am so exhausted and I have so much to do to prep for our weekend houseguest. Seriously, the broom is looking at me and asking "wait... I know you... we met a few years ago, right?" The Swiffer doesn't remember me at all. The vacuum keeps making all these 'long time no see!' type of cracks and the toilet brush... well, let's just say he's got a potty mouth.

On top of that, it's a moon wobble week. People are dropping like flies. Other people are acting like jerks. And Ryan's got a show this Friday with his band. Me? I just might be at home, hiding under the bed with Monkey, making sure that he's breathing.

*He's breathing so hard, it's scary. I don't know how he has the energy to keep doing it.


Miss Bliss said...

ooooooooh moooooooooooonkey keep breathing sorry everyone is so tired. It's tough to have so much going on but it's good too right? I mean that's what I keep telling myself...good to have such a rich, full life. Can't WAIT to see Ryan on AOTS.

katedanley said...

Moonwobbles are messing with EVERYONE I know. Buh. Seriously.

And Monkey? Come on, little guy! I bet mama would give you tuna for a week if you started getting better!


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