Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic Con - Friday

Adam and Kate came to join us for the duration of NERD PROM and generously provided transportation to San Diego. Adam brought the production van, which was totally awesome, except if I would have known that there was a VCR I would have brought movies! But there was no time for that anyway -- too much talking to do!

We drive to San Diego with no incidents (except getting lost for breakfast foods, but that was kind of ok, because we ended up with hashbrowns which we wanted) and get them in and registered with no problems (yay!). I really have to give it up to the registration staff. Man, those people are working during this shindig and they had it down so everything was a breeze. I announced my mission to get one of the Big Frakkin Bags that the SciFi Network was giving away, which was successful. I got the last one that they were handing out for the day (yes!) and I bested some very eager nerds to get it too. It was crazy the way people were INSANE about the freebies. Fights broke out, children cried. But not me, because I got one.

So we overwhelmed dear Kate with the convention floor. It's seriously the most frantic scene you will ever witness in your life. And if you know Kate (which I highly recommend) you will know that she is a kindred soul who wants to stop and smell the flowers and shower everyone everywhere with appreciation. Really, the best ally in the world. But Comic Con makes that hard. You have a jillion other people bustling all around you to try and snag free bookmarks and it's kind of draining.

Edit: I totally forgot stuff! Thank goodness people like Miss Bliss have real brains that remember stuff. Like, when Ryan spied Chris Long (his partner in crime for Hiding in Time) and while he was chatting with Chris, we saw the dudes from The Stack (who Ryan has a major man-crush on). Then someone said "there's the Greatest American Hero" and I noticed that The Stack guys were talking to him. So we slowly sidled up to the booth and I hung back, waiting for my turn to pounce. Bliss then told us how she saw William Katt in a production of Pippin that was amazing and that she'd always wanted to tell him so. Now - this is a thing about Miss Bliss. She has a shiny heart of extra gold and she will remember every nice thing you have ever done. If you're ever bargaining at the Pearly Gates and can call-a-friend, call Bliss. She'll totally vouch for you. And also? She has a list of people that she really liked in a certain role or play or song or something and has just always wanted to tell them so. Like William Katt! So we nudged her over into telling him, and let me just say, the man was flattered. He was so darling about it. To be in the middle of Nerd Prom, surrounded by foaming comic fans who only know him from TV - and then suddenly, here is this adorable lady who remembers him from theater, his first love. It was so nice. Bliss has a better write-up on her blog, but I wanted to make sure I added it so that I don't forget.

And during all this, The Stack guys are standing there, so I tap them on the shoulder and tell them that we love the show and they were super nice and I grabbed Ryan and pulled him in and said "but he's the biggest fan" and Ryan takes it from there, gushing about how much he loves the show and then they get into the work he's done, blah blah blah, and he ends up walking away with 2 things: feeling awesome, because he's shirt twins with Alex and they want to interview him. Yay! So we're going to set that up for our next NY trip. NERDS FOR THE WIN!

We failed on getting into any of the panel discussions that day (noooo!!) but we did get to peruse Artist's Alley and made some awesome swag scores. Plus, we bought stuff. Retail therapy! Hooray! And at one point, we kind of lost Adam and then we get a text message "I'm standing in line for an inflatable He-Man sword. I think I need an intervention." We arrived just in time to see him bestowed with his new sword and, of course, made him pose in front of Castle Greyskull. Which, as you might remember, is something that this Prince Adam has in his very own house.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur and at some point in the evening we ended up in the car driving home (how did we get there? Does anyone remember?) and discussing All Time Most Embarrassing Songs You Love, Songs That Make You Cry, and Songs That Could Be Used To Torture State Secrets Out Of You. Which was fun. And everybody laughed that I have mis-labeled secret songs hidden on my iPod (hint: it's not under W for Wilson Philips). I laughed and cried and mostly laughed 'til I cried. It was an awesome day.


Anonymous said...

Adam-Adam has a new handle. I hereby crown him Prince Adam.

And I have no idea how we got to the van... Where did we even park...?

PINK LINE! BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT! It's all coming back!

Miss Bliss said...

Awesome day...not to mention my little love fest with William Katt!!


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