Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Change Your Life!*

*not guaranteed!

A while back, I saw a post over at Evany's blog about freezing lemons and so I had to try it. If you are like me - or Evany - you like a little fresh lemon in your tea or water or everything you drink. But the problem is that once you cut a lemon it starts to turn on you, right? The peel gets all thick and ooky and brown and just plain sad.

WELL. Did you know that you can freeze lemon slices? Yup. Slice it up, stick it in an airtight container or ziploc baggie and they'll keep fresh and pretty and tart forever. Well, I don't actually know about the forever part, but the ones in my freezer have been sitting pretty for over a month now. Just take one out and drop it in your drink of choice and you get the bonus effect of tangy lemon and an extra ice cube! Once it thaws out a bit, you can squeeze the juice out more if you like.

This past week I have been grumbling with an ear/nose/throat bug and drinking hot tea (which in summer is a beeyotch. It's 100 degrees outside and in my cup!) so the frozen lemons are great. They cool down my scalding tea and give me that lemon lift that I am so fond of.


Sizzle said...

Excellent tip!

katedanley said...

GENIUS!!! I just did the frozen sauce thing in the gallon bag and was like, "How come I forgot about the magic of the freezer for so long?" It's MAGIC!!!


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