Sunday, June 22, 2008

best summer solstice EVER

I was supposed to be in bed, asleep hours ago, but I am still to amp'd up from today to sit still. Man, it was a good one. Scorching hot but super good. The news said the high was 97 today, which means for all practical purposes it was 115. Crazy heat wave!

Dead Man's Party was awesome (uploading pictures to Flickr as I type) and after they played, we snuck over to Universal Studios and got to ride the new Simpsons ride (pictures also uploading) which was so. much. fun. Details to come. Disneyland and Dodger Game tomorrow!

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Miss Bliss said...

OMG...your blog is love...PRETTY!! Sheesh I go away for a week and there's a whole new design. Hope you have fun today, I just couldn't get it together for Mouse House. Sigh.



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