Friday, April 25, 2008


I feel strangely vindicated, having asked the hotel bellman to call me a cab, and what pulled up was a dark blue minivan with no meter. Different driver, but same car. Except this time I travelled further and it cost me less (way less). Whatever.

About Boston cabbies - what's the dealio? Is this where first time taxi drivers come to train? The guy today never went above 60 mph and routinely slowed down if another car got anywhere near us. I'd understand that behavior in a metered cab because it takes longer to get places, but for a flat fare it seemed strange. Why not drop me off fast and get off to your next high-paid airport trip? The guy the other night was the same way. Which is unusual, since I am only used to cabs in NY and Chicago, where cabbies go 75mph down side streets and can get you 40 miles away in less than 10 minutes.

Today is a better day, and THANK YOU to everyone who commisserated with me about not being a Society Lady. Or a lady at all, really.

I managed not only to break my shoe yesterday, but I also got a huge raw spot on the back of my ankle so now my good shoes are killing me. So I went over to the pharmacy to buy extra large band-aids (SO much better than trying to make an X out of the small spongebob ones I had in my suitcase that just peel up anyway) and on the way stopped in an Army supply store that also is a trendy ware shop to buy a belt (new pants are too big) and also a kitschy little costume and wig store, where I bought a new nose ring (the studs catch on things* and I think I lost it on a towel washing my face this morning) lest the city of Boston not know how cool I am with my pierced nose. Gawd, am I really so desperate for attention? Don't answer. But the shop was worth the trip and getting to see all the smarmy Berklee College of Music kids crowded on the sidewalk, looking like the Bean Town version of the harajuku kids was entertainment enough (talk about desperate for attention!).

Now I am propping my feet up, waiting for Emily and Erika to arrive and start the Boston Marathon of Awesome.

*BTW, this is painless. There is no 'back' to the post, so it just slips out which is why I hadn't noticed it. People always ask, namely my parents who have been asking for more than a decade if it hurts and if I get boogers caught on it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mia! Christy and Todd here! Hope Boston is fun. We started our own blog and linked your site with ours...hope you don't mind.

Talk to you soon!!!


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