Thursday, April 20, 2006

sickness and dogs

I am on the path to getting a raised eyebrow. Tuesday I was in such incredible pain (endometriosis rocks!) that I couldn't sleep and couldn't function (unless crying in a hot bath is considered a function) and so I called in sick to work. I took my heavy hitter pain meds and felt a wee bit better 'round about 4pm which was about a full 12 hours of excrutiating pain. Lovely.
Today I was feeling blah at work and was trudging along until I suddenly felt a migraine sneaking up on me. I literally grabbed my purse and ran about 12. I was stopped only once and had to tell the poor lady "sorry, no offense, but I am going to throw up on you." I barely made it home before my eyeballs were googling out of my head and my stomach was seized up. Luckily, I had my migraine pills at hand and was able to pack my head in ice (literally, a freezer bag full of cubes as a pillow) and lay perfectly still in the dark room with the AC down at 50 degrees. It hit me pretty strong, still, but by about 4pm I was better enough that I could nap. Sweet glorious nightmare filled delusional drug sleep.
Now that it's 11pm I am finally starting to feel more normal, although my skin stings like a sumbitch, which always happens after a migraine for me. My nerves are raw and I feel sunburned everywhere. But at least my skull doesn't feel like exploding. Thank god. So I did the next reasonable thing - go to bed? no. read a book? no. knit a sweater? no. I am CHECKING MY WORK EMAIL and catching up. Bah. My brain really IS broken. I have been laying on the couch all night thinking about work stuff and worrying... man, I am I ever married to my job. I seriously have a problem. Thank god they didn't assign me a crackberry or else I'd never get any peace. But at the same time, I am worried that they'll think I am a flake, calling in sick twice in one week. I hate that!
But for now, I am off to bed. For once, I am tired enough to fall asleep this early (as opposed to 1am) and too blurry to try to read (almost done with Jane Eyre). Wish me luck.

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