Tuesday, February 14, 2006

redesign update

The redesign should launch in the next day or two, if all goes according to plan. I've been leaning on this as an excuse not to update regularly -- which clearly demonstrates my laziness and busyness.
Mainly, I have been slogging through a lot of work, and coping with the toothache that is determined to kill me. I go in 2 days to have it taken care of (hopefully once and for all!) but until them, I am more or less worthless.
Tonight, in a celebration of Valentine's Day Romance, Ryan, Evan, and I will be watching King Kong and eating portabello mushroom burgers in our pajamas and fuzzy slippers. As you may have concluded from the previous sentence, I'm not big on greeting card holidays and stick my tongue out at making reservations 3 weeks in advance for a rushed dinner in a crowded restaurant. No thanks. I'm glad to stay home, away from the throngs of hormonal husbands and boyfriends looking to score points - or just score, period - and be at home with the people that I love. There may be chocolate cake involved - and I might decorate it with pink hearts, but that's really as Valentiney as I get. I know, I am a shame to the female race. I should be demanding chocolates and $500 roses. Que sera, sera.
All the same, I hope that each and every one of you has a great day -- I hope you get some conversation hearts and footrubs.

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