Tuesday, January 31, 2006

zach and breck

My friends crashed the high school reunion, which is classic. Why pay $65 for a crappy dinner when you can show up an hour late and just WALK IN and no one knows the difference?

They said the whole thing was so lame. Our graduating class had something like 275 kids in it, and there were maybe 50 people who showed up (I didn't either, for the record). Good thing Zach and Breck were there with the mustaches to lighten up the situation.

Also, yes, this is a pirated image but you would LAUGH if you saw the rest of this person's pictures. There are 42 pictures total and none of them are in focus or centered or at ALL professional looking. Man, I am in the wrong business. I can take a handful of crappy pictures and ditch out. That's easy!

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