Thursday, January 26, 2006


Usually when we play Scrabble, Ryan doesn't like to keep score. Evan and I say pshaw. It's not like we're ruthlessly competitive or anything. Many is a time when I'll fall to the floor, moaning "what can you spell with 3 Rs, 2 Ts, and no vowels?!" and Ryan will chime in "you could make "it" right there, at least its something and you may get a new letter on your next draw." So, as you can see, our games are friendly, so there's no reason NOT to keep score.
I believe that you have to. Not out of competition, but out of sportsmanship. What will drive you to reach for that Triple Word Score, if you're not monitoring points?
So last night, I talked Ryan into playing WITH score-keeping. Evan missed out to go make out with his girlfriend. Whatever, dude. And lemme tell ya, the game was WAAAAAAY more fun. Actual conversation snippet :
R : Is sexercises a word? [to add an 's' to the front of 'exercises']
M : ha ha ha [continues for 5 full minutes]
R : ha ha ha [continues for 5 full minutes]
R : whooo... ok, now my stomach hurts. And my face hurts. Why was that so funny? Is sexercises a word?
M : *snort, chuckle* um...
R : I mean, like don't they teach classes like that?
M : Not at our gym, honey.
M : fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I hate consonants. How did I get SO MANY??
R : I'm sure there's something...
M : [interrupting] - no! I need to get rid of all these Ts. Hmmm... is TT a word?
R : Uh, I don't think so.
M : Damn, because I could really do something... hey! Is thope a word?
R : Man, I thope not because I could have played that a long time ago.
M : We should just re-create the language, make up our own voscrabulary.

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