Sunday, January 22, 2006

never pay retail

Following Sandy's advice (Never Pay Retail), I headed out yesterday to the Disney Outlet store nearby to score me some marked-down Disneyana. Actually, to be honest, I was buying Xmas presents. There were some people in our clan that I knew we weren't going to see until Feb., so I just crossed them off my pre-Christmas shopping list.

Disney outlets do not disappoint, my friend. Basically, the store sells all of the merchandise from the theme parks that don't sell well or are dated or past season. If you want a hooded sweatshirt with Mickey on the front that says 2005, they were priced two for $13. Original retail $38 each. Yeah, it's that good.

I was in search of a couple of holiday items (ornaments, etc.) but ended up finding a whole buncha goodies instead. I bought a couple of these collectible limited edition pins (retail $18) for a couple of people (no, seriously, people collect these) and they were a couple of dollars each! I got my niece a whole set-up of Minnie Mouse stationery with a cool pen, cute 3D stickers, note cards, etc. for under $5 for the whole lot. I got myself a few things as well (who am I to deny myself, of all people?) and walked outta there done shopping for $24!!! No, really.

The ONLY hard thing for me when discount shopping is where to stop. "This is kinda cute -- and it's only $10, maybe I should get it." I get carried away and at one point had Mickey Mouse hoodies in my basket for everyone I know. You're lucky that Ryan was with me, to put a stop to the madness, or else you'd be wearing Christmas mouse ear hats. All of you.

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