Thursday, January 19, 2006

as told to mia

One of my colleagues leaves her itsy bitsy baby teacup chihuahua with a neighbor during the day, while she is at work, and the other day her doggie was sick. Apparently it threw up more than 20 times (which instantly poses the question "how much can an itsy bitsy baby teacup chihuahua throw up anyway??") and one of the incidents was on the neighbor's couch.
Now, my work friend felt terrible about this and immediately offered to pay to have the couch professionally cleaned, etc. (although the question persists "how much can an itsy bitsy baby teacup chihuahua throw up, and how much damage could it possibly do??") But then the neighbor tells her that no professional cleaners will touch her sofa, because it's untreated leather and no one wants to risk ruining it. So my work friend is kind of in the position that she feels bad, but what can she do?
So the neighbor calls yesterday, hysterical, because she's tried to clean her own couch, using some cleaner or another and she soaked it in some cleaner and it wouldn't dry (not warm enough inside), so she drug the WHOLE COUCH outside into the yard to let it dry in the sun. Guess what? The cleaner and the sun BLEACHED OUT the damn couch. So now the neighbor is freaking out and says that the dog is no longer welcome at her house -- how could this have happened, etc.
I feel so bad, because my friend is the sweetest little pixie that you could ever want to meet and she is wracked with guilt about what to do. Should she pay to have the couch repaired? Does she owe her a new couch? How much is she responsible? She didn't tell the lady to use cleaner on the couch... so is she responsible for the damage? I feel so bad, because I don't know what to say (except the usual : fuck 'em), but this is her neighbor and her friend and now their whole relationship is rocky because of a small dog's small barf incident. Where do you go from there?

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