Sunday, December 04, 2005

how to waste your weekend

alternate title : good reasons not to sleep in so damn late every day
I hate Sunday nights as a general rule. The 5-day work week just doesn't suit me. Actually, it's not the 5 days that wears on me as much as the early start time (yes 8:30am IS early, so shutee!!). I'm such a nocturnal person that Sundays always come as a shock to the system. I tend to kill myself to stay awake late late late on Friday nights (cram in as much 'weekend' as possible!!) and then the trend has started for the next 2 days, until Sunday night I am awake reading books about dead people* until 3am and then am a mess on Monday morning.
Here's a map of my Monday morning nightmare [even though it's still Sunday] :
Friday night
  • get in bed at 11:30pm, read 'til 12:30am
  • get up and talk to the boys 'til 2am
  • get up again at 2:15am and stay up cracking nonsense jokes 'til 4:45am [at which time I feel like a zombie and nearly fall asleep while crawling into bed]
  • sleep in 30 minute incriments** until about 10am
  • get up, go to the bank -- incidentally the only branch open on Saturdays is 30 miles north of here
  • visit John and Joe
  • visit John and Rosey (different John, same Rosey)
  • go shopping, find holiday party dress [cute, I might add]
  • go shopping, find 2 presents and lotsa junk I don't really need but want. Damn Cost Plus World Market!!
  • dinner
  • wrap presents
  • watch SNL with Dane Cook [SuFi to you!!]
  • watch The Devil's Rejects [my boy Rob is a twisted fuck]
  • go to bed 'round 5am [not sure of exact time, but sun is on the horizon]
  • wake up at 11am
  • 2 hour bath (not on purpose, was finishing a book)
  • ...after that, the rest of the day just kind of got away from me.
The things that I was supposed to do still aren't done : no <strike>Christmas</strike> Holiday Tree, no new rug for the living room, no massive amounts of laundry done [my closet is burping socks at me every time I walk by, hamper's full], packages not mailed, <strike>Christmas</strike> Holiday cards not mailed, CDs not burned, front patio not decorated with appropriate twinkly lights, the dishes are still in the dishwasher, etc.
It's almost midnight now and I show no signs of stopping (currently browsing the internet for a Peanut Butter Jelly Time ringtone) which is setting me up for a depressing Monday morning, complete with black circles under the eyes and mismatched socks. My only saving grace is that we're "full casual" at work for the rest of the year, so if I show up in a ponytail with a crumpled sweatshirt and jeans, s'all good. Bleh. If anyone knows how to freeze time to get more done, a better way to maximize your weekend, or a good housekeeper, hit me back.
*I need to update my library blog. I've been reading a lot lately, mostly about dead people, and so I need to chronicle my readings. In particular I re-read Mary Roach's "Stiff : The Curious Lives of Cadavers" and then started reading 2 other books that she referenced in her research, before reading her newest book "Spook". I also picked up some new (to me) books by Margaret Atwood at the used book store.
**I am having sleep issues lately and wake up on a schedule, which is probably why I am so damn exhausted.

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