Friday, September 09, 2005


I just came back from lunch time birthday celebration (mine) with my co-workers. I always like going out to lunch with them, because you get to catch a glimpse of what they're really like outside of work. Maybe a little more colorful, spunky, rude, etc. I love it.
One of my co-workers is this adorable blonde doll who cracks me up. I think she's a lot more free spirited outside of work than she lets on (we're a pretty conservative bunch while in the office -- people actually say things like "goodness gracious" when they really mean "you stupid ass motherfucker"), and I love catching a peek at how she really is. She minds her tongue when around the Office Clan, but I highly suspect that she's no stranger to saying "bullshit" when the need arises.
Today at lunch, we were discussing someone who seems to be on the wimpy side and so Blonde says "you know what? He just needs to be a man! Grow some [lean in, whispered hush] b-a-l-l-s."  Needless to say, the whole table fell apart. Such language! From such a lovely girl! I was probably laughing a little too hard. Yes, it was funny. It was fucking hilarious that she spelled it out. But the reaction from the others who burst out in genuine laughter, but who also were probably genuinely shocked, was priceless.

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