Sunday, July 31, 2005

throw away trash

I missed the show on Thursday because I wasn't feeling good (boo - frickin' - hoo) and because it was late at night, but Duckmandu played and... oh my god. You have to hear it to believe it. AMAZING. (Ryan brought me the CD)

What is it you say? One man. Dead Kennedys covers. The whole Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables album. On accordian. Seriously, it's SOOO good. You have to hear it. No really, trust me. Just trust me. There's also an all-strings version of California Uber Alles with the Punk Rock Orchestra [listen to the clip here] mixed in. Awesome.

Man, it's really weird the things that I find when I "go through stuff" (which is the Mia cop-out equivalent of cleaning house). We rearranged the living room furniture and I decided to turn a cabinet full of "miscellaneous" (= trash) into a craft supply cupboard.

Some of the mightily odd things that I found :
  • Sony Discman circa 1990 -- does not work [even with new batteries] but I still don't have the heart to throw it away
  • Homer Simpson talking beer coaster (I hate this thing, by the way) that says "mmmm beer" when you set your drink down. Or place it on a table. Or bump the table. Or throw it in the trash.
  • A letter from G when he was in jail [long story, a whole 'nother blog post]
  • roll of film - circa ??? - this should be interesting. Maybe the long lost Turks & Caicos photos??
  • sparkly gold pipe cleaners -- where the HELL did these come from??
  • easter candy (mostly tootsie rolls and Big Hunks)
  • Target shopping bag with 2 t-shirts that I have no memory of purchasing and no desire to keep -- one has a donkey in KISS make-up and it says "kiss my" and then a picture of the donkey. Any takers? It's a men's medium. The other is robin's egg blue with a picture of Manny, Moe, and Jack -- women's large. Free to a good home.

Also "throw away, throw away, throw away the trash" is a line from a song that is sang by The Kids of Widney High who are a musical group composed of special ed. teens that used to sometimes perform at the local ska shows. I don't know why it's stuck with me all these years... but every time someone tells says "throw away trash" I automatically think of it. Funny how the brain works.

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