Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Sadness

I've lamented before about tank dwelling creatures and how they never fail to disappoint me and make me feel like a monster. I had three tadpoles, named for Stella mostly because we couldn't tell them apart :

Michael -- grew arms on Tuesday night (yes, in one night!) and by Wednesday was a tiny frog with no tail!!

Michael -- grew arms on Wednesday night (also in one night) and as of last night, his tail was gone and he was climbing out of the water onto the lily pad and sticking to the side of the tank.

David -- has beefy legs, but no arms and still is very much a tadpole. Still eats his spinach, but is noticably bummed that M&M have moved on without him.

THEN, Monday night, Michael #1 died. Why? I have no idea. He was hopping and happy and eating tadpole food and then - dead. I cried.

Last night, I fed the pollywogs and prepped the big terrarium for the last 2. I was going to transfer everyone just before bed, but then I ended up falling asleep on the couch, so when I went to bed I put off the tadpoles until the morning. 2am Ryan wakes me up to ask where I moved the frog, because he's NOT IN THE BOWL*. I leap out of bed (I am functioning on 8 hours sleep in 2 days) and go searching around the laundry room where they were safely kept. We literally searched for an HOUR and no sign of him. We finally came to the conclusion that he hopped into the drain that leads outside and there was no way for us to get him. The only reason that the search ended was because Ruckus thought it would be a good idea to drop head-first behind the washing machine and GET STUCK so that we had to pull it out of the laundry room (it's just a small alcove with pocket doors) to get him out. I dragged myself back to bed, violently sobbing... I can't believe that I lost him!! I feel like such a supreme asshole. I didn't get to sleep until almost 4am, and had to be up at 7. I am dead today and I still feel so incredibly guilty about losing another tank dweller. *sigh*

*I had a standard fishbowl with a lid cover on it -- I have NO idea how he got out.

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