Thursday, July 07, 2005

comic relief

Last night, we needed a break, so Ryan and I went out to the Improv again (I'm telling you people, sign up for the mailing list -- free tickets!!) and laughed our asses off. Here's a breakdown for ya :

Bob Oschack - we've seen him before at the Hollywood Improv and he is really funny. You might know him as "jerk happy Bob"

Bil Dwyer - he was pretty funny, but the crowd just wasn't feeling him. I felt bad... his jokes were good... they just weren't landing.

Dennis Regan - he was VERY dry and funny -- I really liked his act a lot.

Hard n' Phirm - fucking. hilarious. If "American Dinosaur" doesn't split your sides, then you are a cyborg. These are the comic nerds of my dreams. **American Dinosaur live on Jimmy Kimmel**

I have pictures, too, but they're on my 'at home' camera and need to be uploaded. I need to batch a buncha Flickr photos tonight.

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