Tuesday, June 07, 2005

corn fried corn

Last night Ryan and I drove Evan and his girlfriend, A*, to their meeting at the Cultural Center. We had some time to spare and they suggested the mall food court for dinner. Evan ordered dinner for us at Hot Dog on a Stick, which was kind of funny because the cashier kid also had a mohawk [you can tell by the mullet-y type hair sticking out of the hat - the tell-tale sign] and so he and Evan were chatting about 'hawks (you know, Evan just cut about 6 inches off of his - oh really? - yeah, and it saves him like half a can of AquaNet - no way dude) while the people behind in line wanted to stomp them both.

Then, when Evan comes back with our food and I shit you not - this is the one that he gives to ME.

Me : "dooooooooode! Did you get cheese with a dick??"

Evan : "Mine looks ok. Do you want to try the veggie dog?"

Me : "Corn fried corn? no thanks."

*I'm not being evasive by not sharing her name, it's just that it's so unique that #1) I don't want to misspell it #2) you won't be able to pronounce it [believe me] and it will drive you INSANE while you roll it over and over in your mouth and can't make the word come out right.

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