Wednesday, May 11, 2005

that time of year

It's 2 months away, but I am already psyched for the Fair. Lame? Yes. but in my defense...
  • X is playing. $20. dude. -- let me know if you're going too, I want to get a posse together!
  • the Vandals, Flogging Molly, & Goldfinger are playing. another $20 show! *swoon*
  • funnel cake
  • free Speedway!
  • I'm entering a couple of my collections into the contest : my Tink collection and my stir stick collection [yes, I am that cool. like, enter-your-collection-to-the-fair cool]

I always forget about Speedway and how really W.T. but kind of cool it is. Jenn and I went to the Fair a couple of years ago and stopped by, just out of curiosity, and there were side car races. Have you seen these things? INSANE. The "swinger" just basically hangs on to the back of the bike. Then they called out the racers names and I gasped. "Oh my god, that's Dan!" So we waited until after the race and went over and said hello and what-not and reconnected with some old friends. [here is their picture, racing] See? W.T. motorsports bring people together.

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