Wednesday, May 25, 2005

begging for love

**update - Thursday**

Thank you everyone who sent over their love, good energy, and sweet notes. It was a late night, working through some crap, but we've got it all back under control. We should have a new roomie by the end of the weekend (dear little brother) and we'll be well on our way to raising our first college-age kid.


something big is looming. something really big. something really big and scary and black and dark and horrible and i am terrified and deeply frightened. i am swallowing the lump in my throat right now and trying to face it as brave as i can, but it's just not that easy.

if anyone has any extra good energy to send my way, tonight is the night. round about 10pm, the cards will be on the table and i need all the back-up that i can get.

good wishes to you all.

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