Tuesday, February 15, 2005

the so sweetest one

Yesterday morning, Ryan drove me to work so that he could use my car during the day (his car has starter problems and is generally just very ghetto) and while we were driving in, we saw people out in full force in every gas station parking lot selling flowers. They had all sorts of arrangements and teddy bears and balloons everywhere - and they were swamped! There were men of all ages stopping in - they must have made a fortune!

Anyway, there was this huge white heart balloon that was floating there and I remarked how I liked the inflatable bow on it - why it caught my eye, I have no idea, but I liked it and he nodded in agreement.

Last night, when I got home, on the porch was a small vase with 3 roses and a gigantic balloon tied to it - the same one that I had seen in the morning. He said that he went with the intention of only buying the balloon (he already gave me another bouquet in the morning) but the guy wouldn't sell them separately. He said that he put on his best poker face and haggled with the man for 10 minutes and he wouldn't bend! It was flowers and balloon or nothing at all - so I got both. :)

Unfortunately, our cat Monkey hates balloons. It's something about the way they hover that freak him out. He stayed under the bed almost the whole night, only sneaking out to the hallway to peek into the living room once or twice, each time poofing up with fright and running back to the bedroom. Poor kid. So between fraidy cat Monkey and Ruckus wanting to eat the flowers, I decided the best place to take them would be to work - where they are on my desk. I posted pictures [you can see them in the left side bar gallery] so you can see how gigantic the balloon is and how lovely the flowers are and plus my kick-ass Pete Mel* poster, on which he instructs me to "K.I.T." and "stay cool".

*while googling for a website for Pete Mel, I came across this one, which is wildly hilarious

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