Friday, December 03, 2004

those who blog together stick together

I don't have much in the way of exciting news... so here is Lame Post Du Jour, in bullet format :
  • i [heart] ia, who has come back to the intraweb
  • i [heart] styro, who is coming to LA soon-ish and I get to sit next to her and stare at her like a 12 year old girl : in total awe
  • i [heart] ben, who will be in SoCal soon and i [heart] Miss Bliss for the heads-up and coffee invite
  • i [heart] jules, who has inspired me NOT to postpone my orientation meeting at the RMDC next week
  • i [heart] disneyland, especially when i get to take my 4 year old niece
  • i [heart] decorating for Christmas
  • i [heart] wrapping presents
  • i [heart] making Christmas cards (to be mailed soon)

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