Tuesday, December 28, 2004

spending dollars and making dimes

My Christmas was great, and I hope yours was too. I got a lot of really nice things, including a standing mixer so I will be baking again soon. Yay!

Even better than the things that were under the tree were the things that weren't. Last week I took a day off from work to go museum-hopping which I highly recommend doing. First, we went to the ScienCenter to see the BodyWorlds exhibit which is amazing. My school has a plastination lab, so I have seen some of these types of figures and such before and have worked with the plastic organs but it never ceases to amaze me. Never. Then we headed over to the UCLA Hammer Museum to see the "Undiscovered Country" exhibit in photo-realism in art. Wow. Randy just about fainted to see the Gerhard Richter piece that they had on display. This isn't the one that they had, but this gives you an idea at how incredibly skilled he is. In the second gallery is the personal collection of Armand Hammer [yes, we laughed at the name too] which was breathtaking. Ryan is a big fan of impressionist art, so I literally had to drag him through to make sure he'd get to see all of it, instead of just obssessing on one piece. I can now say that I have literally been 1" away from a Rembrandt. Wow.

Yesterday, Styro wasn't feeling well enough to be dragged around for my amusement, so I took Ryan instead. We decided that we should go do some of the "things" that are local to us that we never do. We looked up a ton of museums, which are mostly closed on Mondays, and came across a listing for the Movieland Wax Museum. I hadn't been there in like 15 years - it was actually very cool. We stopped at PoFolks for lunch first and they gave us a coupon for $3 off each admission to the wax museum - a pretty good deal!! While we ate, we played the table top
Peg Game, which seems simple but is quite complicated and VERY fun. It was addictive. We sat there, working the puzzle over and over... it was fun! The museum was pretty neat, much bigger than I remember. It was a really great way to waste a couple of hours before our reservation at Medieval Times. I had some freebie tickets that were slated to expire this week, so we cruised over to the castle for dinner and a show. Unfortunately, our knight lost the tournament (and his life) but we had a good time. I was pleasantly surprised that the food was actually good. It was a fun show, despite Drunky McDrinks-Too-Much who was dancing in front of me and obese left-handed eater guy who was sitting next to me. THAT is a good time, people.

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