Wednesday, December 08, 2004

fool me once yesterday we had our Secret Santa gift exchange at work. Every year, we each fill out a little paper with some things we want : things we collect, movies we want, CDs we want, etc. so that our Secret Santa knows what to buy for us.
I drew G's name. He's such an awesome guy that I was really looking forward to being his Secret Santa and giving him something cool... something unique... something very Mia. On his form, he wrote that he collects beta video tapes and dinosaur fossils and listed a couple of weirdo CDs that I couldn't find anywhere. So I turn instead to the collectibles. I scour eBay looking for just the right thing and I order one of each. For the beta, I got him Trading Places with Eddie Murphy & Dan Akroyd, because damn that's a funny movie. For the fossil, I found a fossilized dinosaur poo. Oh, I thought it was so funny and so clever and ha ha ha ha...
Now we're all eating lunch together and everyone is opening their presents. G goes first, so I am really excited. I have made a tiny clay dinasaur and a tiny clay toilet on the top of the box with a description of the dinosaur and what he ate...inside is the poo. So everyone is laughing at the clay things "you made that?" etc., etc. and he opens the box and realizes what it is... ha ha ha... passes around the table, everyone laughs... ha ha ha...
After lunch, I am still a little tickled that he liked it and that he thought it was funny that I bought it on eBay, etc. and then he tells me that he was only joking in his Secret Santa letter... he doesn't collect fossils or beta tapes. He just thought that would be funny to put some geeky collectibles on there. I was immediately crushed. I totally felt like the guy that I just met, but have been making out with at Disneyland all day gave me a bad phone number. I almost cried.
To his defense, he isn't a malicious guy and he would probably cry too if he knew he hurt my feelings. There were 20:1 odds that I would be his Secret Santa and since everyone else in the group only buys gift certificates, he probably thought he was safe. No one would go out of their way to get him a gift card to Bones n' Things or T.J. BetaMaxx, so seeing the CDs, they would get him a Tower certificate and he'd be in the clear. And then along comes me with a big ol' box of dinosaur poo. *sigh*

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