Monday, October 11, 2004

wanted though neither dead nor alive

Last week, I was gone a lot because of a convention and symposium and all the social events related therein. In effect, bored out of my skull and exhausted. You should see the disgusting blisters on my feet. You know you have reached a new career low when you are using box tape to wrap up your entire heel and ankle and hold the 15 band aids that you are using as cushioning in place, while you hobble from table to table.
This meant that by the time Friday came I had an ache in my hip from wobbling funny and was forced to go to Payless and buy myself a pair of white canvas slip on shoes to wear to Magic Mountain. First, let me say that I am totally not a white shoe person, by any means. Not that there is anything wrong with it... it's just not my style. But by the same token, I have a hard time bringing myself to pay so much for a pair of the authentic Chuck Taylor mules (the stores near me sell them for $55 +). Anyway, these are awesome for blisters on the achilles tendon and for $9 I am more than satisfied. Magic Mountain was awesome. We went for a private party, where my friend's employer bought out the park from 7pm - 1am. This means that there weren't very many people, so the lines were really short. We got to ride the newest coaster (which we hadn't ridden before), Scream, 3 times in a row without ever getting up, because there was NO ONE waiting in line at all. Totally. Rad.
Saturday we slept friggin all day, because we are so lame. We finally got showered and out the door somewhere 'round dinner time. Too lazy to even cook for ourselves, we stumbled into our favorite Japanese restaurant and ate way too much. During the salad course, we talked about heading down to Laguna for a movie or maybe to the Fun Zone in Balboa for a stroll. After it was all said and eaten and done, we settled for a quick trip to Blockbuster and a general session of burping and moaning "ohhhhh... I ate too much.... agh" from the couch.
Blockbuster was out of just about every single new release worthy of a DVD case (namely "Mean Girls" and "Saved") so we set out down the Comedy aisle and decided on two movies, primarily due to their proximity to one another : Pumpkin and Poor White Trash. Ryan had seen pieces of PWT on Comedy Central and said it seemed pretty funny : it isn't. It was one of those ones where I actually debated turning it off several times, but let it run, hoping that something better was coming up...  Pumpkin, on the other hand, was a really dark comedy. It was sweet and unnerving and cynical... and plus, the title character reminds me of someone that I am very fond of ... but I can't say who because I am fairly certain that he will beat me to smithereens. In any case, it is a good movie and I would recommend it to everyone.
Also, did I already tell you how I am totally disturbed now that I finally saw Donnie Darko a few weeks ago? I am in love with psychotics and scared shitless of the end of existence.

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