Monday, September 13, 2004

start me up

Ok, I so I feel like a new person. Four - count 'em four - consecutive days away from work can really do wonders for the soul. The hotel was beautiful, the weather was nice (although unseasonably warm and humid at the beaches!), the view was fantastic. I was thoroughly entertained by the harbor seals, until I realized that they DON'T SLEEP! It was like an aquatic sleep over with the seals laughing and splashing and chasing and barking all. night. long. At 4am, Ryan and I went out to the balcony just to stare at them, in the hopes that maybe they'd get the hint and put a sock in it. nope.

I don't know if it was my computer or the internet, but somebody was unhappy last night, so I haven't posted my pictures from my absence yet... maybe I will get them up tonight.

Reasons why this weekend was cool :
  • thrift store shopping and finding cool books I haven't read and a cool hat for Ryan
  • laughing at the work of vandals
  • seeing Garden State and loving Zach Braff on a whole new level (he blogs, did'ja know?). Seriously, folks, it's not a chick flick and you really should see it.
  • seeing Evan's band, the Antics at Hogue Barmichaels and trying desperately not to laugh at how out of place we were. It was bad enough that me, Ryan, Zach, & Mimi were the ONLY people in the place over 21 and I would venture to guess that there were only a handful of kids over 18. But then add to the fact that we are clearly NOT punk rock* enough for these kids and Evan's haircut makes him look even MORE like Kevin Corrigan. In fact, Ryan and I have taken to calling him Uncle Eddie.
  • deciding on our Halloween costumes, which will actually be a group effort. All the undecideds will be the Crazy 88s, I will be GoGo, Mimi will be O-ren Ishii, and Zach will be the Bride (in the yellow motorcycle outfit)

*Hot Topic punks are worse than real punks, because they feel like they have something to prove and an image to uphold and they'll shiv ya just to prove that they are punk. That's before they peel out of the parking lot in their '04 Jetta.

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