Tuesday, September 07, 2004


I hope that everyone had a great three day weekend (sorry Canadians). I had a lot of fun which really helped me put some perspective on my crummy week last week. Saturday I spent the day at the beach getting horrifically sunburned and eyeballed by seagulls wanting my turkey sammich. Sunday I spent the day in and out of the pool, and never far from a Mai Tai... then I got a chance to blow all the drunkies' minds by waxing philosophical about Kill Bill and challenging the John (who thinks he's the Movie Geek) to an all-out Film Snob analysis...and never far from a Mai Tai. Monday, of course, was a ballet of short naps, Seinfeld marathon, and bathroom cleaning.

But I think the single moment that reversed my whole bad 'tude has to be the Bosstones song "Someday I Suppose" which really summed it all up :

"The more I sort it out the more it gets distorted/ I sort of think I'm better off just leaving here unsorted/ The more I try to change, of course, the more off course it goes/ I suppose I'll reach my destination someday I suppose"

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