Sunday, August 15, 2004

ink for inkers

For his birthday, Ryan finally went to see Ruben, who is the most bad-ass tattoo artist I know. Ruben did an absolutely phenomenal job and I love everything about it.

Ryan drew the image of the skull with batwings and added in his own 'crossbones' of a nib & paint brush, which are his inking tools. Ruben "juiced" it up with some truly awesome shading and in about a week, the two will start collaborating on background for it, starting at the shoulder and then working down his arm.

I am totally in crush with it, and now I am excited to be getting my next tattoo. It's been like 3 years since I got my last one and it's been too long... I already have it all picked out and now I just need to get some damn balls and get under the gun. To see the picture of Ryan's tatt up close go to my photo site : maybe I'll even upload some pictures of my own tattoos, so you can see how uncool I am.

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